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"I entered here on 09/11/20 my new sobriety date. Compassionate, loving, understanding, empathetic, educated, authentic, honest and respectful are all the words that come to mind when describing the staff at SDC.  I forgot one important one integrity.

From the moment I spoke to Lisa at 620am, no shit 620am there was no BS waiting for hours, waiting for a return call. Unfortaunalty, I was a returning client. One of the most comforting parts was they had all the same staff from a year ago except one new person. Over the next 10 days, I had realized there was almost zero turnovers in her staff. That speaks volumes by itself.

Jodell and Patty greeted me with a big smile and a shoulder bump as COVID has taken away the hugs. But I still felt their love. I had to wait another day to see the BHT - Case Manager that I really had a connection with , Devin. He is very good at his job and talked me off the cliff more than once. He assured me the Dr. was expediting my medication orders and I would soon feel better. I was in a very very dark place a deep spiral in my mind. Physically my BP was pretty high and I felt every alcohol and opiate withdrawal symptom to the full extent. Devin didn’t leave my side and continued to encourage me to hang in there a bit longer for the Doctor and the Nurse to collaborate and come up with a solution for my detox. It wasn’t long and the order came through and I started to feel a little bit better.

The beds are so comfortable and the 24 hour café and smoking area are always available, It seemed as though someone was always around to talk with or have a smoke with. I never felt alone even at 2, 3, or 4 am in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. The Nurses got me the approariptae medication and slowly I started to get some rest.

I participated in the IV therapy daily. Shannon the lady administering it is so understanding and compassionate. Her positive attitude is contagious. I am really not sure if it was the medicine in the bag or spending time with her that helped me so much.

Then there is John the BHT,  his appearance is one of 6 foot 2 or 3, large build, some ink, the kind of guy I would not want to mess with. Then he talks. And his voice is soft and soothing, non confrontational. I could actually feel the love and compassion in his voice and his body language. I knew he was going to play the role of my rock when I needed someone to talk to . I needed someone to talk to me in a way that I could hear them. Here is a prefect example, I asked John a question more on the clinical side and he responded with , “Dude how am I suppose to know, I shot dope for three years.” and that was the most comforting and honest thing I had heard all day. Immediately,. I related and more importantly I trusted him.

The staff Lisa has working at SDC was divinely brought together. I could go on and on about my experience here it is second to none but I have to catch my ride for the treatment Patty has set up for me. I will always be grateful for Lisa answering her phone at 620 in the morning and her staff that made me feel so safe and comfortable during one of the most difficult times of my life."

-Josh L

"The staff was very knowledgeable, caring and respectful. Their prompt response when I entered the the facility with extremely high blood pressure, sweating , and shaking was beyond impressive. They continued to monitor me very closely. I felt very comfortable and the food was great. Single rooms helped to lessen the anxiety and get a great nights sleep. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who wants top notch service."

-Greg H

"Best place hands down if you ever need help with your addiction!!! From the first call with Lisa or Melanie to being greeted by one of the staff at the front door ~ you have found the best place to start your recovery !!! Private rooms, bathrooms, fully stocked kitchen with snacks and drinks, and lunch and dinner is ordered from restaurants around the area. You’re treated like adults and you get to keep your phone with you at all times !!! The entire staff is amazing ⭐️"

-Kristy M

"This place is truly amazing!!! The staff here is so professional, caring, compassionate, and all around remarkable people who truly help people during a rough time in their lives. The accommodations are awesome! Private rooms and bathrooms, plenty of food, drinks and snacks. They let you keep your phone and computer (which i hear is unusual with Detox facilities) and they have out outdoor patio for smoking, getting some fresh air, or just chilling. I can't say enough about this place and the people here. I would highly recommend this place if you are in need of a detox facility!"

-Jason R

"I was recently released after a 5 day stay and highly recommend Scottsdale Detox Center. All the staff were attentive and understanding. Detox is a difficult process but they made sure I was comfortable and at ease.The facility was kept extremely clean and sanitized. I felt safe and secure. If you or a loved one needs help i would strongly encourage you please contact them."

-Shane N

"A close family member stayed at Scottsdale Detox. This place is the BEST DETOX center in Arizona if not the Southwest. It is not a Level 1 Psych Ward like many other places. You are treated as a respected patient, not a misfit, criminal, or just a number. You can also keep your phone and laptop to maintain the rest of your life while healing. I can't recommend this place any more emphatically. Best staff, comfortable PRIVATE room, 24 snacks, Direct TV, meals from local restaurants, and most of all - you feel human and cared for. Get healed and do it here."

-Jason S

"I was recently a patient here and I highly recommend this detox. They are extremely kind and understanding. The place is clean an comfortable. It was like being at home. Best part was I could keep my cell phone with me the entire time and they have a great smoking area. The other places I talked to wanted me to go through a black out period and wanted to take all of my electronics away. This place let me use all of my devices while detoxing and for me being self employed that was really important to me. If you are considering a detox this is the place to go."

-Jon E

"Having never been to detox I was scared. They welcomed me with open arms and any of the nurses ,the behavioral health techs, the behavioral health techs, the clinical health techs always asked how were we doing and willing to talk at anytime. No restrictions on bed time, you could eat or watch tv 24/7 if you wanted. Stocked refrigerator, snacks, massage vibrating chairs. This is the Hyatt of detox and I am so grateful to this wonderful compassionate staff."

-Elizabeth S