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Struggling with addiction is hard enough, and trying to do it alone is practically impossible. Misuse of drugs or alcohol hides the underlying causes of your addiction and these will continue to disrupt your life until they are uncovered and addressed.

If you are reading this right now and need to change things in your life, please call us now. We understand how you feel and the struggle to pick up the phone. Our staff recognizes that people who try to quit by themselves oftentimes get frustrated and feel helpless when they can’t. You can, and we can help.


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"This place is truly amazing!!! The staff here is so professional, caring, compassionate, and all around remarkable people who truly help people during a rough time in their lives. The accommodations are awesome! Private rooms and bathrooms, plenty of food, drinks and snacks. They let you keep your phone and computer (which i hear is unusual with Detox facilities) and they have out outdoor patio for smoking, getting some fresh air, or just chilling. I can't say enough about this place and the people here. I would highly recommend this place if you are in need of a detox facility!"

-Jason R

"I was recently a patient here and I highly recommend this detox. They are extremely kind and understanding. The place is clean an comfortable. It was like being at home. Best part was I could keep my cell phone with me the entire time and they have a great smoking area. The other places I talked to wanted me to go through a black out period and wanted to take all of my electronics away. This place let me use all of my devices while detoxing and for me being self employed that was really important to me. If you are considering a detox this is the place to go."

-Jon E

"The staff was very knowledgeable, caring and respectful. Their prompt response when I entered the the facility with extremely high blood pressure, sweating , and shaking was beyond impressive. They continued to monitor me very closely. I felt very comfortable and the food was great. Single rooms helped to lessen the anxiety and get a great nights sleep. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who wants top notch service."

-Greg H