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Scottsdale Detox offers an exclusive residential rehabilitation program near Tucson, Arizona, providing personalized support for individuals dealing with substance abuse. This program focus on holistic healing, addressing both mental and physical well-being.

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Situated less than 2 hours north of Tucson, Scottsdale Detox treatment centers provide addiction services to individuals hailing from the Valley-area as well as those who are traveling to Arizona in pursuit of reclaiming control over their lives.

Substance Addiction Tucson Rehab Centers

In 2021, for the third consecutive year, we witnessed a surge in overdose fatalities, potentially setting a record, according to the Pima County Health Department. Worryingly, over half of these tragic deaths were linked to the presence of fentanyl.

Due to a higher incidence of substance abuse in the region and its unique surroundings, several recovery centers have been established throughout the metropolitan area. Generally, treatment choices can be grouped into three distinct categories:


Numerous individuals often need a detoxification process to address the physical effects of drug or alcohol use before proceeding with their treatment journey. It is of utmost importance to ensure a safe and supervised detox process, especially for alcohol and opioid withdrawal, as these substances can lead to life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Rehab

After clients begin their recovery from substance abuse, they can enter a 30-day inpatient rehab program in Tucson, which includes daily therapy and intensive sessions. Many Tucson recovery centers prioritize access to the sunny environment and a connection with nature as part of their inpatient treatment approach.

Outpatient Treatment

After successfully completing inpatient treatment for mental healing, clients typically transition into ongoing outpatient care, which offers a range of options including Sober Living, intensive outpatient treatment, regular therapy, and more. This stage plays a critical role in achieving a successful rehabilitation outcome and preventing relapse.

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Drug Rehab Tucson

You’re not alone in facing the challenges of prescription medication and illicit drug use. In Tucson, an estimated 11,500 individuals grapple with substance addiction annually, with Pima County, home to Tucson, experiencing a higher prevalence likely due to its proximity to the United States-Mexico border and heightened exposure to drug trafficking.

Funding has been secured at the state level to support medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with a particular emphasis on combatting opioid use. While MAT programs can vary among treatment centers, Scottsdale Detox offers an elective MAT program that grants clients access to medications aimed at reducing cravings. Despite ongoing debates surrounding MAT, its effectiveness in reducing relapse rates among opioid users has been well-documented.

Alcohol Rehab Tucson

Tucson, located in Pima County, records a higher incidence of adult alcohol abuse, standing at 17.5%, compared to the statewide average of 13.4%. The widespread accessibility of alcohol in Arizona, notably within the Valley, often leads individuals from casual social drinking into patterns of binge drinking, eventually leading to physical dependency.

Tucson has a group of individuals often referred to as ‘high-functioning alcoholics’ who balance their work and family obligations while struggling with alcohol addiction. Scottsdale Detox provides a tailored program that enables clients to maintain their jobs, offering private accommodations, electronic accessibility, and a modified schedule to assist their recovery while they manage their external responsibilities.

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Paying for Rehab Centers (Tucson)

Beyond state-funded facilities, rehabilitation centers in Tucson frequently provide an array of payment options aimed at enhancing the affordability of treatment, including:


Credit Card

Private Insurance

State Funds

Personal Loan

Using Insurance for Recovery

At Scottsdale Detox, we have formed collaborations with numerous insurance providers across the United States to help alleviate the financial strain of your treatment. Our team of addiction experts can assess your insurance policy within 24 hours and furnish you with a comprehensive overview of its coverage. Throughout your treatment journey, we will actively cooperate with your insurance company to ensure the accurate handling of your policy.

Most Insurances Accepted

Determining the Best Rehab Centers in Tucson

Choosing the right rehabilitation center among Tucson’s 122 options can feel overwhelming. Find guidance in our blog post about selecting the perfect Tucson rehab center, and consider these key questions for a quick preview:

  • What is your maximum capacity for simultaneous residents?
  • Are your clinicians experts with master’s level qualifications?
  • Do you provide dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health issues?
  • Have you received accreditation from the Joint Commission?

When you pose these inquiries to Scottsdale Detox, you’ll discover the following:

  1. What sets Scottsdale Detox apart from other rehab centers in Tucson is our deliberate restriction of client intake to only 10 individuals at a time. This, in conjunction with our expansive residential facility, assures privacy, individualized attention, and highly personalized treatment.
  2. We offer a private car service that can conveniently pick you up from Tucson and transport you to either our detox facility or directly to our treatment center, in accordance with your customized treatment plan.
  3. We selectively employ the most experienced addiction specialists in the state, with a minimum qualification of a master’s degree for all therapists. Our support team includes registered nurses, behavior technicians, and other professionals to guarantee the safety of all clients.
  4. We’ve intricately crafted our program to tackle mental health issues and addiction in tandem, acknowledging their frequently intertwined relationship, all with the goal of maximizing our clients’ prospects for recovery.
  5. Scottsdale Detox has held its Joint Commission Accreditation from the very beginning, consistently passing all inspections throughout the years.

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