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Choosing the right clinic for your detox can make a huge difference in your journey to sobriety.

Taking the first steps to recovery can be physically and mentally painful. Unfortunately, many detox and
treatment facilities take advantage of patients when they are most fragile.

If you are reading this, you or a loved one is probably considering entering detox or treatment. Scottsdale Detox knows there are many facilities you can choose from.

When looking for a facility be sure to ask the following questions:

  • 1. How long have you been in business?

    There are far too many facilities opening and jumping on the bandwagon. Those that are good actors in the field will last, others will fall to the wayside. Ask yourself, “Would you want a brand-new surgeon preforming your surgery?” Detox is just as dangerous, and you deserve to have a facility where the team are subject matter experts.

  • 2. What is the patient to nurse ratio and how many patients can you have at any one time?

    This is important so you can ensure you or you loved one will get the attention they need. Larger facilities can be
    very nice; however, you need to make sure they are staffed appropriately.

  • 3. Are you accredited by Joint Commission and Legit Scripts?

    Accreditation by The Joint Commission is considered the gold standard in health care. Legit Script certification ensures the facility is advertising appropriately and not participating in unethical or deceptive advertising practices.

  • 4. How long has your medical director been in this field?

    The tone of any facility’s detox protocols is set by the medical director. While protocols are important, having an experienced medical director allows the facility to be able to tailor each patients detox to ensure safety and comfort.

  • 5. Does your company own multiple facilities?

    Many detox’s own “downstream” facilities. This means when a patient goes to their detox, they are only recommending their treatment program as the next step. This can contribute to a relapse. Detox Facilities must match patients to the correct treatment options based on what is best for the patient, not what is best for the bottom line.

  • 6. Do you have a licenses therapist who is certified in substance abuse?

    It is critical for any detox facilities to have a master’s level clinical director, groups and individualized therapy. Not only does this provide the ability to assess what are the next best steps after detox, but it also sets the tone for the groups and therapy they will participate in post detox.

    When looking for a detox or treatment facility there are many options, however, you need to make sure
    you do your homework and stay away from bad operators.


Scottsdale Detox has been open since 2016 and certified by the Joint Commission and Legit Scripts.

Our medical director, Dr Reye Topete, MD is a board-certified Addiction Medicine Specialist. He has over 27 years of experience.

Our clinical director is also a master’s level licensed therapist with a specially in substance abuse. All nursing staff have extensive experience in detox and behavioral health.

We also take pride that we are an independent organization, not attached or affiliated with any other
facility. This give us the ability to make referrals after the detox is completed to the next steps in recovery.

During detox we take the time to understand the possible underlying causes of the substance abuse and
recommend facilities that are not only ethical, but also specialize in what is best for the patient.

If you are considering a detox for you or your loved one, please call us for a free consultation. Admission can be reached at (480) 646-7660.



Struggling with addiction is hard enough, and trying to do it alone is practically impossible. Misuse of drugs or alcohol hides the underlying causes of your addiction and these will continue to disrupt your life until they are uncovered and addressed.

If you are reading this right now and need to change things in your life, please call us now. We understand how you feel and the struggle to pick up the phone. Our staff recognizes that people who try to quit by themselves oftentimes get frustrated and feel helpless when they can’t. You can, and we can help.


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