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Medical Detoxification is the process of eliminating a substance from your body under medical supervision, while simultaneously managing the symptoms of withdrawal from overuse and abuse of drugs or alcohol.


If you’re struggling with a dependence on drugs or alcohol, you may have tried to cut back or quit on your own, but serious withdrawal symptoms, ranging from uncomfortable to deadly, can make self-detoxing both challenging and risky.


At Scottsdale Detox Center, we take these risks seriously and want to treat your addiction as safely and comfortably as possible.


We are a small, private, inpatient medical detox facility that helps our patients start their path to sobriety by detoxing their body from substances.


During the detox process, we use medications to decrease the time it takes to detox your brain and body of the substance, comfort medications to ease withdrawal symptoms, and medications to curb cravings. In addition, we offer IV therapy to restore nutrients and promote healing for the body throughout the process.


We understand detox is a very personal experience, which is why we choose to offer all private bedrooms & private bathrooms. All of our rooms, including our two executive suites feature DirecTV, luxury linens and toiletries.


To make treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible, we offer a 24 hour smoking area and healthy meals. Unlike many other facilities, we allow cellphones & laptops so treatment doesn’t disrupt our patients lives and so they can stay in touch with their loved ones.


During their stay, our patients are treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Our medical staff directly oversees patient care 24/7, allowing our patients the ability to know they are safe and comfortable during their detox.


When patients arrive we tailor a medical treatment plan unique to each individual and can safely manage most co-existing medical conditions during their stay.


During their treatment, our patients are offered individual and group therapy sessions facilitated by our Clinical Director and her team. We also assist every client with resources and discharge planning to ensure an optimal chance of successful and lasting recovery.


Unlike other detoxes that tend to refer patients to rehab and aftercare facilities they have vested interests in, our recommendations are based solely on our patients' exact needs.


We have been open since 2016 and we are Joint Commission and Legit Scripts accredited.


Our medical director, Dr Topete is a board-certified Addiction Medicine Specialist with over 27 years of experience. Our clinical director is also a master’s level licensed therapist with a specialty in substance abuse. In addition, all of our nursing staff have extensive experience in detox and behavioral health.


If you or your loved one is ready to take the next step towards sobriety, entering an accredited medical detox facility with licensed medical professionals is the safest choice. Our admissions team is available 24/7 for your free confidential consultation. Call us today at (480) 646-7660 to find out if detox treatment is right for you.


All of these substances require a medical detox to safely reduce you body's physical dependency on the drug. At Scottsdale Detox, we offer treatments for all of these substances. If you think you might need a medical detox, please call us for a free consultation.


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Struggling with addiction is hard enough, and trying to do it alone is practically impossible. Misuse of drugs or alcohol hides the underlying causes of your addiction and these will continue to disrupt your life until they are uncovered and addressed.

If you are reading this right now and need to change things in your life, please call us now. We understand how you feel and the struggle to pick up the phone. Our staff recognizes that people who try to quit by themselves oftentimes get frustrated and feel helpless when they can’t. You can, and we can help.


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