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Archive for June 2019

What is Medical Detox? | Scottsdale Detox Center of Arizona

MEDICAL DRUG & ALCOHOL DETOX WHAT IS IT? Medical Detoxification is the process of eliminating a substance from your body under medical supervision, while simultaneously managing the symptoms of withdrawal from overuse and abuse of drugs or alcohol.   If you’re struggling with a dependence on drugs or alcohol, you may have tried to cut back…

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Common Questions | Scottsdale Detox Center of Arizona

Commonly Asked Here are resources for the most common detox-related internet searches. Rehab for pregnant mothers? We can detox pregnant mothers with substance abuse problems. Please call us to discuss your unique situation.   How to know when you need rehab questions? Check out our Self-Assessment   Why detox out of state? Why detox in…

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Hangover vs Withdrawal Symptoms | Scottsdale Detox Center of Arizona

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Hangover vs Withdrawals Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome vs. A Hangover While some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome are similar to a hangover, they are not the same condition. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome and a hangover have different causes. A hangover occurs when a person drinks too much alcohol at one time.…

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